For All Your Fencing Needs – Repair & Installation

Not all structures have to be attached to a building to be part of your home. Many homeowners invest in fences, as they serve a variety of purposes. From protecting your property to giving your dogs a place to run, a fenced-in yard is often considered part of the ideal home; though few homeowners follow the exact image of a white picket fence.
Fences are good for security and privacy; they help turn a yard into a haven.
But what happens when that haven starts to fall apart? Like most things in homeownership, fences don’t last forever. Eventually, they need to be repaired and sometimes replaced.

Fence Repairs vs. Installations

While many issues can seem surface-level, such as loose boards or sagging gates, underlying issues can be the cause. Dry rot, termite, soil erosion…When it comes time to repair your fence, it’s best to call a professional team to determine the extent of the damage. The teams at Johnson Exteriors are highly trained to quickly diagnose any issues. We’ll walk you through every step, from investigation to finish, and help you make the best decision for both your yard and budget.

Types of Fences

The white picket fence has ingrained itself in the minds of homeowners, but the truth is that a variety of fencing options are available. Fencing can be broken down into three main categories: metal, wood, and vinyl.

  • Metal Fencing

    Unlike wood, metal fencing won’t fall to rot and pests. They are often coated to be weatherproof, so they won’t rust. Metal fences are easiest to repair, as most repairs involve reapplying the coatings.

  • Wood Fencing

    Wooden fencing is the most aesthetic option, offering a rustic look. It also works best for privacy fences thanks to wood’s sound-proofing qualities. Repairs can vary from repainting or staining to replacing rotted boards.

  • Vinyl Fencing

    More durable than wood but with a similar appearance, vinyl fencing is more durable and will not need to be refinished or painted. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering more options for aesthetic appeal.

Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the options, listing the pros and cons of each.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Fence maintenance, repair, and installs are best handled by a professional. The task is highly labor intensive and can be trickier than you might expect—especially if you have a homeowners association with specific requirements for fencing. What can take DIYers at least a week will be a few hours for a trained team. Hiring a professional contractor will ensure that your fence is installed properly, looks amazing, and will hold up well over time.
Another reason to hire a professional comes from analyzing repair. Our expert teams are trained to recognize the true extent of damage, not just what’s obvious. We can also help you decide if repair is the best option or if a new fence would be a better investment.

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