Roof Inspection – inspect now & save big later

Your roof is an important protector of your home or business — you need to know it’s up to the task. Roofs undergo quite the pummeling, from everyday wear and tear to storm damage. If you roof has sustained damage, your home or business could be vulnerable.

How do you know if your roof has sustained damage? There are signs of a weakening roof, but not all of them are immediately visible. If you are looking at a new home, if your home has recently survived a storm, or if it’s been a while since you checked on your roof’s condition, it’s time to hire a roofing inspector.

Even small cracks and damages not visible to an untrained professional can end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars in water damage repairs later on. That’s why preventative maintenance an inspection is vital.

Roof Inspections for New Builds

When you’re building your dream home, we want to help ensure it won’t become a nightmare. Not only can Johnson Exteriors handle your roof install, gutters, siding, and drywall, we can also keep tabs on other roof installers through thorough inspections. When the building is complete, you’ll want an inspector you can trust to make sure everything was installed properly and document your roof’s condition for insurance purposes.

If we find anything, we’ll consult with you immediately so that you can get the issue repaired before it leads to any damage.

New Purchase Inspections

Whether you’re moving through necessity or upgrade, you want to know you are moving into a lovely home. Not just area, neighborhood, schools… but the building itself, as well. One of the most important things to check will be your roofing system.

From your gutters to your flashing and ridge vents, several components and materials make up your roofing system. It only takes damage in one of these areas to cause any kind of vulnerability in a roof that can lead to extensive damage.

Inspecting for Potential Damage

Damage can come from anywhere. Fallen tree limbs, branches tossed by storms, hail, pests running across your roof, shoes trampling over the shingles to reach other things. The tiniest space between flashing or the smallest buckle in your shingles can open your roof to water leaks, leading to damage and the potential for mold growth.

Catch any problems as soon as possible by hiring a roof inspector after major storms. Our experts will carefully document their findings so that you can start working with your insurance company to get repairs, quickly. If your insurance agrees, we’ll even pass the information on to our roof repair teams, saving you further hassle having to hunt down a contractor for your repairs.

Need your Roof Inspected? Call Johnson Exteriors Today

We’re your one-stop shop when it comes to exterior services— we’ll inspect, repair, and install. Roofs aren’t our only forte; we also handle fencing, gutters, siding, and paint. Our employees are highly trained and fully equipped.

We all understand the dangers in our profession. You can rest assured that we carry full liability and workers comp insurances. Accidents can happen to the safest of workers— that’s why we come prepared. Shouldn’t you take the same precautions in protecting your home?

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