Who will YOU Call when Your Roof Needs Repair?

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We all know roofs are important, yet some homeowners barely spare a thought for the literal roof over their heads. So long as it does its job, for most of us, it’s a matter of “out of sight, out of mind”. When your roof needs repair, the first sign might be an alarming one as most homeowners rarely do periodic checks until there is a storm, or an event that makes you take notice.  None of us want to wake up to a leaky ceiling.

While roofs are built to last, they aren’t indestructible — after all, even Superman is weak to kryptonite. Both elements and overall age play an important role in wearing down your roof, causing damage and imperfections that can lead to leaks and further water damage.

Common Causes of Wear Include:

  • Wind, rain, snow, ice, hail
  • Sun / UV damage
  • Falling limbs or debris
  • Pest infestations and damage from wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels
  • Mold and moss build up

Your roof constantly fights to protect your home. All it asks in return is the occasional inspection and repair so it can keep on doing its job. But if you do run into issues you’ll need to ask some important questions before taking the next step.

The First Question: Repair or Replace?

Roof damage does not immediately call for a full replacement— frankly, few budgets allow that on a whim. To know whether you need to replace or repair your roof, keep in mind the following checklist.

  • Roof Material

    • Some materials are easy to patch, like shingles and tiles. Others have to be repaired in sections, such as metal. Slate and tile rarely patch well.
  • Roof Age

    • The older the roof, the more cost-effective it may be to replace. Many materials like clay and metal can last for centuries, but materials such as asphalt tend to last a couple decades.
  • Damage

    • Most damage, including storm damage, will only need repair. More extensive damage, such as a sagging roof or water stains appearing indoors can indicate large problems that will call for a replacement.
  • Estimate and Budget

    • Some contractors offer a discount if you replace the entire roof, as it saves them in transition time and labor costs. However, you must know what works best for your budget. Keep in mind how often your roof needs repaired. What will work best in the long run?

Hiring a professional inspector to check your roof is never a bad idea. The inspector will give you an objective recommendation to help you decide which steps to take. You can also call the experts at Johnson Exteriors for an inspection; we’ll help you determine how extensive any damage is and if you can get away with repairing.

Deciding Who to Hire

Let’s be honest— we want you to choose us for all your roofing needs. Our highly-trained experts are ready to assist, and our knowledgeable staff can help you through every step.

However, we understand: you may have something urging you to go elsewhere. Perhaps your insurance requires certain companies, or you don’t live in our service area. At Johnson Exteriors, we want to help you make the best decisions for your roof— whoever serves you in the long run. That’s why we’ve put together a few highlights for choosing a roofing contractor.


An estimate is not an obligation. Don’t be afraid to get estimates from multiple companies.


Anyone working in your home needs to have liability and workman’s comp insurances. Accidents can happen to the most careful employee; it is best to be prepared.


You can ask friends and co-workers who they have used in the past. They may have someone to recommend— or urge you to avoid.

Research and Gut Feelings

You want to be able to choose a contractor with confidence. Due diligence can include checking both physical and online presences or asking to speak with previous customers. Our instincts can also be a determining factor: don’t be afraid to turn down someone who makes you suspicious or can’t answer your questions.

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At Johnson Exteriors, our experts are ready to help bring out the best in your roof. We’ve proudly served our community for years, and our team comes equipped with the expert knowledge, tools, and pride in our work to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

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